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Popular Big Pharma blood pressure drug linked to gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease


Article taken from Jonathan Benson: Popular Big Pharma blood pressure drug linked to gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease

(NaturalNews) Is it possible that the massive rise in diagnoses of gluten insensitivity and Celiac disease is in some way linked to the medications people are taking? A new study published online in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings seems to suggest so, having found that the popular blood pressure drug Benicar (olmesartan) often causes patients to develop symptoms of Celiac disease that later subside when the medication is ceased.

Dr. Joseph A. Murray, M.D., and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., first made the observation after noting that 22 of the patients admitted to the center over a three-year period had symptoms of Celiac disease, but did not test positive for the condition in blood tests. Upon further investigation, the team determined that olmesartan was the likely culprit.

When the patients with Celiac symptoms stopped taking olmesartan, their symptoms largely disappeared, which suggests that the drug and potentially others in its class may be responsible for triggering allergic and gastrointestinal reactions. In fact, a followup investigation revealed that patients who took olmesartan sustained very serious intestinal damage as a result of the drug, and that this damage began to heal when they stopped taking it.

“There is no question that the report from the Mayo Clinic documenting that olmesartan has severe gastrointestinal adverse effects is of concern,” said Dr. Franz Messerli, M.D., director of the hypertension program at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. “Olmesartan sales have exceeded $500 million a year in the U.S. alone and the drug, as with all ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers), stands out because of its paucity of side effects.”

Dr. Murray, author of the study, had actually reported these and other serious side effects associated with ARBs to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in 2009. But the agency ignored the evidence and unilaterally decreed that the evidence was not definitive enough to verify a “statistically significant’ association between Celiac disease symptoms and ARBs.

But the evidence speaks for itself, as experts suspect that ARBs inhibit transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta), an intestinal cytokine responsible for intestinal equilibrium, also known as homeostasis. By blocking TGF-beta, ARBs prevent the human gut from properly adapting to changing levels and ratios of various bacteria, both good and bad, which upsets digestion and leads to intestinal damage.

“The gut has to learn to tolerate a lot of different bacteria and TGF-beta is an important chemical messenger for that tolerance,” said Dr. Murray to MedPage Today, noting that when patients stopped taking olmesartan, their TGF-beta levels appeared to normalize.



FATS (Avocados, Nuts, other fats):

Use fats sparingly. Even if they are necessary for the human body, the need for fat is small, and the best sources are whole foods like nuts and avocados. Fats delay digestion—may take up to four to six hours. Fats also delay the digestion of other foods and, if used with starch, it will delay the passage of the starch from the stomach into the intestine. Fat not only inhibits the secretion of gastric juice—it also inhibits the physical actions of the stomach. Too much fat taken with a meal results in acid eructations and a burning sensation in the throat.

The use of fat (avocados) with starch is considered acceptable, provided a green salad is included in the meal.

Avocados: Though not a high-protein food, avocados contain more protein than milk. They are high in fat and the small percentage of protein they do contain is of high biological value. Since they are so high in fat that they tend to slow down the digestion of foods normally requiring a shorter digestion time, they are perhaps only a fair combination with subacid* and acid fruit*. They are usually considered a poor combination with sweet fruit, especially dried sweet fruit*.

  • They are best used with a salad meal. When fats (avocados or nuts) are eaten with green vegetables, preferably raw, the inhibiting effect of fats on gastric secretion is counteracted and digestion proceeds quite normally.

  • Don’t combine nuts with starch vegetables, legumes, animal protein or sweet fruits.

  • For optimal digestive efficiency, only one variety of nuts or seeds should be used at a sitting, but, if digestive problems are not a factor, it may be possible to eat two or three varieties together without harm. Some personal experimentation in this area is indicated. Start out with small quantities, one to two ounces, and use only with salads. If you do have problems with nuts, experiment and find those you handle best and use mostly those. You will eventually build, up your nut-digesting ability and be able to use more varieties.
  • Avocados should never be used with nuts, which are also high in fat (see chart)*, nor should they be used with melons (see chart)*.

  • Do not combine cashews with other nuts; the cashew is a part of the cashew apple and is not a true nut. It has a higher carbohydrate content than true nuts, having 29.3% carbohydrate and 17.2% protein. By contrast, for example, the almond has 19.5% carbohydrate and 18.6% protein. They can be eaten with a salad.
  • Peanuts, of course, are not nuts. They are combination starch/protein foods, and are combined as starch.
  • Most people have no problem with sunflower seeds. Those who do can begin by using them slightly sprouted. Just soak overnight, drain and let them progress until just a small sprout is showing.
  • Almonds are valuable nuts, and have a somewhat alkaline reaction, whereas other nuts have the acid reaction commonly found in protein foods. However, they are hard and more difficult to masticate thoroughly. Problems may be avoided by thoroughly masticating and insalivating these nuts.

These fats are not recommended



Use unrefined cold-pressed oils, preferably stable oils like olive and sesame oil, less likely to be rancid. These oils can be moderately cooked.


Tropical Oils (Coconut oil, Palm Kernel Oil – Very good choices. Can  be kept in room temperatures for months. Very stable when heated)

Flax Seed Oil – Very high in omega 3 content. Keep in the fridge, do not heat. You can use it in small amounts with your salads or salad dressings.


Vegetable oils are long chain oils. This means they should not be heated because they become rancid very easily.

Sunflower seed oil
Corn oil
Peanut oil
Cottonseed oil
Safflower oil

Soybean Oil

Should be strictly LIMITED!!! Only Peanut Oil is relatively stable and therefore appropriate for stir-frys on occasion bbut it is very high in omega 6 fatty acids so it should also be limited.

Other important notes:

Remember that no food program, nor any food combining program, will cure disease. Healing can be effected only by removal of the causes of disease. Incorrect food combinations can be an important cause.

Use seldom if at all— too high in oxalic acid (a calcium antagonist)

Swiss chard
Beet tops

Should not be used— contain concentrated acids & irritants

Bitter cabbage

Contain mustard oil

Irritant foods (unless very young and sweet)— should not be used often or in large quantities

Mature mustard greens

In case you have bowel or digestive problems avoid Onions and or Garlic in a raw form. You can use fennel instead. In case you use onion or garlic try the powder form or boil it for one minute before use.

Take It Easy!

Don’t try so hard that you become nervous and anxious. Do the best you can. Avoid the worst combinations (dates or bananas with nuts, potatoes or grains with tomatoes, or grain with nuts) and everything else will gradually fall into place.

Occasional indulgence in incorrect food combinations is no cause for anxiety, even though it is not ideal—a healthy body can cope with occasional exceptions. It is what we do daily, habitually, that will make the difference.

Don’t make food the focal point of your life. Above all, the student should not become overly preoccupied with food. Eat your meal and forget it. Let your friends eat their foods and don’t give them a lecture at the dining table. You may have to parry their questions about your eating habits by explaining that you don’t like to enter into these discussions at mealtime, but will be happy to answer their questions afterwards.



Honeydew melon
Honey balls
Casaba melon
Crenshaw melon
Pie melon
Banana melon
Persian melon
Christmas melon
Nutmeg melon

None of these substances are recommended.

Brown sugar
“Raw” sugar
White sugar
Milk sugar
Cane syrup
Corn syrup

Some high-fat nuts are:

Sweet fruits

Thompson grapes (seedless)
Muscat grapes
All sweet grapes
Fresh figs

Litchi “nuts”
All dried fruit

Some unusual or tropical fruits not listed— sweet taste is a good indication of its classification.

Subacid fruits

Sweet apples (Delicious)
Sweet peaches
Sweet nectarines
Sweet cherries
Fresh Litchi “nuts”
Sweet plums
Some grapes (neither sweet nor sour)

Some unusual or tropical fruits not listed.

Acid fruits

Kiwi fruit
Cranberries (not recommended—they contain benzoic acid)
Limes Sour apples Sour grapes Sour peaches Sour nectarines Sour plums Sour cherries

Tomatoes—acid fruit, without the sugar content of other acid fruits. Used with vegetable salad or any green or nonstarchy vegetables, but not at a starch meal. May be used with nuts or cheese, but not with meat, milk or eggs. Some unusual or tropical fruits are not listed—acid (or sour) taste is a good indication of its classification.

Some high-fat nuts are:

Macadamias 71.6% Fat
Brazils 66.9% Fat
Pecans 71.2% Fat

Some lower-fat nuts and seeds are:

Almonds 54.2% Fat
Pignolias 47.4% Fat
Sunflower seeds 47.3% Fat
Pumpkin seeds 45.8% Fat
Sesame seeds 52.2% Fat

Sources: “”

Even though I have used many information from other websites, I do not personally agree with everything written there. That’s why there are some comments in the “Food Combining” articles which express my opinion according to what I believe is good for MS patients.

Chelation and the Klenner Protocol


The truth is that it has not been precisely justified how the combination of the constituents of the protocol works for MS. Scientific research, profit-oriented, CRAB – centered and guided, is not able and above all it doesn’t aim at providing reasonable responses. Nevertheless, one can make several hypotheses about each suggested constituent by analyzing its properties and draw secure conclusions based on scientific research.

Fish Oil has known anti inflammation effects in blood and tissues. Also the lack of Vitamin D , as it becomes obvious through a series of studies, plays a more and more important role to the incidence of MS due to the role it plays in the development of the person from very young ages. Vitamins C, Eplay a very important role against the generation of free radicals. Oxidation always affects MS’ers much more than healthier people. Relevant examples, positive for human health, are found for every constituent of the protocol and especially for the Central Nervous or the myoskeletal System which are crucial for neurological disorders or the myoskeletal (see B 100 Tablet, B12 – methylcobalamine, Calcium – Magnesium on the page “Begin Klenner’s Protocol”).
Additionally to the above, there is a very important field the protocol contributes to, being decisive for MS patients due to their vulnerability in the Central Nervous System: heavy metals excretion. MS patients have a sensitive CNS with all its consequences. The progress of the disease usually causes problems in bowel function (constipation, diarrhea) that is a main detoxification means. This flaw makes them more vulnerable to a series of dangers in comparison to healthier people, such as heavy metals, a subject under discussion in this article.
The procedure of heavy metals excretion is generally called chelation.
There is a variety of products or kits in the market and several suggestions on this procedure but we‘ve better not to trust them if we are not perfectly sure. It is suggested that in any case you should consult a knowledgeable physician about this subject; this is why we will not try to describe or suggest such products. The reason for our being so cautious is that this procedure may become dangerous, especially to constipated patients.
In order for the heavy metals to leave the body they first have to detach from the healthy tissues and organs they are stuck on, followingly they bind with substances helping their passing to the intestine and finally they are expelled. The excretion of heavy metals through the intestine is the main kind of detoxification from heavy metals. An important organ of detoxification is the skin through sweating. It becomes obvious that accumulation of toxins in the intestine after a successful chelation may cause more serious problems in case they are not fully excreted from the body.
Another reason is that the methods are numerous and there is not one single way for all patients. Many strong substances are used for this purpose and it is only under the supervision of a specialist that one should use them and NEVER TRY IT ALONE.
Finally, there is always the danger to overload the body if many different substances are taken besides the protocol without medical suggestion and supervision.
For the above cited reasons we will discuss only the substances suggested in the protocol and some other natural – vegetable very mild choices one can incorporate in everyday life and have very good results without danger.
When free radicals come in touch with one of these tinny pieces of toxic metals, not only one new free radical is generated but a chain of millions of free radicals.
Free radicals exist in all persons, heavy metals as well. They move around several points and organs and somewhere on their way they meet again a new tinny piece of toxic metal generating new free radicals in a minute and so on.
Thus we should try to:

1. Find ways to reduce as much as possible the generation of new millions of free radicals generated in our body by the binding of metals and free radicals through chain reactions (Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants mentioned below help to that)

2. Prevent these free radicals from coming in touch with the heavy metals in our bodies in the first place.
One important contribution of the protocol is that it helps fight heavy metals, whose toxicity alone is known that it can cause symptoms similar to the ones of MS. On the other hand you know from this site that heavy metals is one of the main factors of MS.
Tips that help:
  • Try to consume proteins all the time, mainly animal (except pork which is very fatty) but vegetarian as well (eg sea algae) according to the protocol. Protein amino-acids contain sulfur that highly facilitates the detoxification procedure. Avoid any proteinic supplement of unreliable origin.
  • Try to maintain 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. If there is a constipation problem read here. Remember that 90% of the mercury (a heavy metal known to be one of the most toxic ones) is expelled in our stools.
  • Don’t miss your daily injection of Thiamine (Β1)(1): Thiamine, being a main injectable vitamin in the protocol, has been found to play an important role in the confrontation of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury etc). Especially mercury and lead compete with Thiamine absorbing the Sulfur contained in it. Sulfur is known to act as a magnet for heavy metals.
  • Biotin (vitamin Β7 contained in Β100): The second vitamin which contains sulfur.
  • Vitamin Β6 (Pyridoxine – contained in Β100): Necessary to the metabolic procedure that transforms methionine into cysteine and followingly to glutathione (amino-acid transformed into strong antioxidative means).
  • Magnesium: Metals such as Magnesium are necessary to the optimal functioning of our immune system, as much as to hundreds of enzymatic systems of prime importance for human health. In this way foods are more easily absorbed without irritating the digestive track that plays a crucial role to heavy metals excretion.
  • Take your antioxidants every day: All antioxidants in the protocol (Vitamin C(2), E, Beta Carotene-Vitamin Α, Selenium(3)) including Thiamine, play an irreplaceable role to the fight against new free radicals being multiplied in the presence of heavy metals.
  • Exercise according to your condition, but do it systematically and under supervision. Sweating is a good way to excrete toxins and the skin is one of the main detoxification organs.
For additional help you should know that:
There are lots of other substances and ways to fight heavy metal accumulation or at least they claim to do so. As cited above, the protocol itself caters for that purpose. Nevertheless, if you think that you need more help, here are some more very mild ways:
  • You can take Chlorella. Chlorella is a species of algae that helps remove toxic metals from the connective tissue of our body. It contains high levels of chlorophyll which is one of the most pure and strong foods on earth. One cannot take excessive amount of Chlorella. Check your dose by trials, starting from a low dose and increasing gradually every 2-3 days.
  • Include garlic in your regiment if you are not allergic or intolerant to it, not in supplement form but in fresh natural form. In this way you enhance the Sulfur reserves of your body. 2-3 cloves per day for as long as your program lasts sound like a good idea. Crush the cloves so as to set their active ingredients free.
  • Start taking MSM (4). MSM is a kind of Sulfur acting on the membranes of the cells and thus helping your body to get rid of mercury.
  • Start using coriander (5). Coriander will contribute to the movement of mercury from the tissues, so as Chlorella will be able to bind with it and guide it out of the body through bowel movements. Coriander is found in most health food stores, super markets or shops selling spices. You can also add it to vegetable juices (being an excellent source of metals such as Calcium and Magnesium). Coriander alone is not enough to totally remove heavy metals from the body.
During your heavy metal detoxification, make sure that you take your daily vitamins and basic metals such as Calcium and Magnesium.


(1)Lead and mercury are strongly anti thiamine, binding to the sulfur entity in thiamine.

Heavy metal poisoning is typically characterized by symptoms common with thiamine deficiency since metals, such as arsenic or lead, block a crucial metabolic step converting thiamine to its co-enzyme form. Omar Alvarado, Thomas J. Fellers and Michael W. Davidson

(4)The Miracle of MSM The Natural Solution for Pain. Jacob, S., Lawrence, RM, Zucker, M. Penguin Putnam, New York, NY 1999.


April 2006 – September 2006

Finally after 10 years I was about to test myself to something new. I visited a nutritionist in April of 2006. You can contact him through his website here. I was in no good condition at all. He was specialized in otolaryngology for quite some years before he began to turn his interest into alternative medicines such as homeopathy, acupuncture, Nutrition etc. He has been outspeaking for many years that he could no longer help his patients with drugs or his lance. I will never forget his first question to me: "First of all do you believe that everything someone eats drinks or breaths is very important for his health?"

His method round nutrition is based on a way of finding out about food intolerance and food allergy which is called Vega Allergy Testing comined with kinesiology, energy testing. He also examines which organs inside your body are weak searching what is going on in a mollecular level. For example if you suffer from MS, insufficiency to your immune system will appear clearly according to his method or weaknesses to other parts or systems of your body acoording your symptoms or not. Besides you are subjected to live blood analysis. An examination which helps to exclude important conclusions (eg the candida fungus which flows in your blood, the tolerance of your blood cells etc). The first visit lasted 4 hours! I was informed about Multiple Sclerosis in a very different way. I learnt about the worst enemies of MS. I was given to search through some new information such as the Klenner’s Protocol for MS. My blood was full of candida and my cells seemed really weakened.

I told him what every doctor claimed until then: That the cause of my problem was unknown. He claimed that this wasn’ t right and that MS is a multifactorial syndrome cause by many parameters . In my situation wrong nutrition, Nutrition, wrong medicines, accumulation of Toxins, vaccination stress, Acidulus Enviroment etc. The antidotes to the pathologic findings were vitamins, several supplements, proper nutrition, drinking clean and Fresh Water, whatever composes a healthy life. In all cases a compound therapy is necessary for such a complicated syndrome. Before that I had tried homeopathy and eventhough I was relatively helped it was not enough. I was really amazed by the power of my doctor’ s arguments, even though I was reluctant at first and I was trying to challenge him in every word. I was examined thoroughly and the results showed a very tired organism. The first diet I had to follow was very strict. I left the consulting room full of thoughts. I had to stop the drug treatment I had followed for years. Otherwise, there would be no result. I was afraid and anxious to see what will follow. Finally, I decided to move on. A new way of life was ahead of me. Within a month diarrheas began and my doctor told me this was encouraging because this showed I reacted to the new treatment. Toxins finally begun to discard. The second month I felt my legs much more stable and I gained balance. My memory was much stronger and I felt full of energy. Tremulousness wasn’ t troubling me while I was walking and this made me feel confident. As time went by I felt even better. I drove my bike without being afraid and I didn’ t want to go to bed early anymore because I felt alive again. Sex activity became unexpectedly strong. Numbness in my legs was not so intense and faded day by day. Today I can much more easy bend my leg and walk much more normal. I have no sleep problems except the days I feel really anxious about something but this happens to anyone. I visit the toilet everyday(!) and this is unbelievable and crucial for me after all these years. The second time I visited my nutritionist (July 2006 – after three months) he was surprised as well. He did not expect all this improvement so fast. The same test I had the first time was much more promising. The improvement was obvious. I went the best vacation I have ever had with my girlfriend in the summer of 2006. I will never forget it. I felt so much stronger. This time I was ready to eat more foods. It happens very often. Your organism tolerates some substances again after a period of certain diet. I changed some vitamins and supplements according to new data. This time I would use intramuscular Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12. After about 5 months period my main goal is not just to get better and better but, why not, to go symptom free! There are extremely few pathologic reactions nature cannot reverse. Besides, I believe to my self, to my doctor. I’ve never lost hope regardless of the seriousness of my situation. It took me ten years to finally discover that MS is not incurable (…See more in personal stories 1 and 2). I had never came across to such a statement. I believe this is the only way not just to deal with MS but to totally defeat it. And I promise you, I will but before that I will share with you every second of this experience because I need it and you need it. I hope you the best. I was now ready on September of 2006 to take a much more thorough test on a much wider range of foods. Here you can see details about my Anti-Candida, Anti-Fungus based Diet. I follow it until now. During this period I was given some procain injectons in my tonsils. According to my doctor the stress I felt on my Knees was because of a block of flow of energy in tonsils! I’m better now. After 6months I must admit that my present situation has nothing to do with my previous state (before 6 months). Ofcourse my improvement lately is slower I dare say but this is absolutely normal because it’s not the same when you first begin a new treatment and after a period of time. I’m feeling my body fighting hard to heel. For example there are short periods of time where Constipation Problems occur and affect my general situation. I will visit my nutritionist on the 23 of December. Until then…

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