My first experience with MS started when I was 7. I had intermittent blurry vision but no one knew what was causing it. As the years went by and the symptoms would show up I had many misdiagnoses, including Bell’s palsy, arthritis, pinched nerves, etc. Finally, at the age of 35, I went numb from the waist down and I was referred to a neurologist for the first time in my life. He knew it was MS right away, but we had to do all the tests, including MRIs, a spinal tap and a battery of blood tests. That confirmed the diagnosis. Finally I had the name of the disease I had been living with for so long.

I tried to recover from that episode of numbness with my usual handlings of diet, exercise, rest, my own selection of vitamins, but this one was the worst attack I’d ever had. After 4 months of working on it diligently, I still could not walk more than a block and spent almost the entire day eating, resting, sleeping and exercising so that I could be active for 2 or 3 hours a day. It was like being in prison – and my body was the prison.
I skipped the CRAB drugs for many reasons, but the most important reason was that they weren’t a cure and the medical community really has no idea if they prevent attacks or not (as how can you know about an attack that didn’t happen?). I did a lot of research on them and everyone I talked to about them had gotten worse while taking them.

As time went on, I was seeing that I had hit a plateau. I had recovered some sensation in my feet and my calves, but none in my thighs. I realized I needed something more. I did more research and finally found the Klenner program. I am not a person who just tries anything that someone recommends. I looked long and hard and very carefully at what I believe causes MS and what I think will handle it. And when I found Dr. Klenner’s paper and read it, I KNEW without a doubt that this doctor was on to something. I knew that this would work for me. I could hardly contain my excitement to tell my husband, who is highly scientific and was helping me research MS.
It took me 5 weeks to start the program from the day I first heard of it until I got my first injection. And that first injection was amazing. I felt so relaxed.
When I started Klenner, I couldn’t grocery shop by myself. My husband had to take us and I had to use the cart as a walker to get back out to the car. We had talked seriously about me getting a cane, but my husband didn’t want me to use one. He said I should just rest, because if I used a cane, I would push harder and get more damage. So, I was in bed almost all the time. My whole body felt congested (like a stuffy nose feels, except I felt it all over). If I did some cooking or some laundry, I couldn’t do much before my lower back became so extremely painful that I couldn’t stand. I still lacked any sensation in my thighs.
And now, after only 2 ½ months, I recovered sensation in my thighs that I hadn’t had in over 13 months. I recovered that wonderful pleasant sensation you feel when someone gives you a massage. I didn’t even know that level of sensation was missing, until I went for my usual weekly massage a few weeks into the Klenner program and my masseuse rubbed my feet and it felt heavenly. I hadn’t felt that in over a year! In fact, I forgot what it could feel like.
I have a lot more energy than I used to have. I can do the grocery shopping. I don’t have any pain left. In fact, now I know when I’m doing too much around the house because my feet don’t get warm. If my feet aren’t warm, then I know I need to rest a bit more. That is so much better than horrendous extreme back pain as a warning to sit down and stop doing too much.

I am not symptom free yet, but in just 10 weeks, I have made AMAZING progress.
Funny enough, Dale said that some people stop the treatment after 6 months because they don’t think they’re making progress, but then they slide back as soon as they stop. Well, I didn’t want to be one of those people. So I started keeping a daily record of my progress. You know, it’s easy to know that you’re below normal on your physical abilities (you can’t keep up with everyone else, you hurt, you’re numb, etc.). But it can be hard to see the tiny daily victories as you heal. I’m so glad I kept this record of my progress because I can look back now and see how far I’ve come. And I’m amazed, it’s easy to forget how bad you felt when you start having energy and feeling good again.

My worst days now are better than my best days when I started the program. If you have MS and you are considering this program, I wouldn’t wait another day. It takes time to heal. But the miraculous thing is that the body can heal – IF you give it the right building blocks and enough rest.
Thank you to Dr. Klenner for figuring this out. And a HUGE thanks to Dale and his daughter, Carrie, for carrying the torch so that the rest of us don’t have to suffer with this horrible disease.