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Chelation and the Klenner Protocol


The truth is that it has not been precisely justified how the combination of the constituents of the protocol works for MS. Scientific research, profit-oriented, CRAB – centered and guided, is not able and above all it doesn’t aim at providing reasonable responses. Nevertheless, one can make several hypotheses about each suggested constituent by analyzing its properties and draw secure conclusions based on scientific research.

Fish Oil has known anti inflammation effects in blood and tissues. Also the lack of Vitamin D , as it becomes obvious through a series of studies, plays a more and more important role to the incidence of MS due to the role it plays in the development of the person from very young ages. Vitamins C, E play a very important role against the generation of free radicals. Oxidation always affects MS’ers much more than healthier people. Relevant examples, positive for human health, are found for every constituent of the protocol and especially for the Central Nervous or the myoskeletal System which are crucial for neurological disorders or the myoskeletal (see B 100 Tablet, B12 – methylcobalamine, Calcium – Magnesium etc).

Additionally to the above, there is a very important field the protocol contributes to, being decisive for MS patients due to their vulnerability in the Central Nervous System: heavy metals excretion. MS patients have a sensitive CNS with all its consequences. The progress of the disease usually causes problems in bowel function (constipation, diarrhea) that is a main detoxification means. This flaw makes them more vulnerable to a series of dangers in comparison to healthier people, such as heavy metals, a subject under discussion in this article.


The procedure of heavy metals excretion is generally called chelation.

There is a variety of products or kits in the market and several suggestions on this procedure but we‘ve better not to trust them if we are not perfectly sure. It is suggested that in any case you should consult a  knowledgeable physician about this subject; this is why we will not try to describe or suggest such products. The reason for our being so cautious is that this procedure may become dangerous, especially to constipated patients.

In order for the heavy metals to leave the body they first have to detach from the healthy tissues and organs they are stuck on, followingly they bind with substances helping their passing to the intestine and finally they are expelled. The excretion of heavy metals through the intestine is the main kind of detoxification from heavy metals. An important organ of detoxification is the skin through sweating. It becomes obvious that accumulation of toxins in the intestine after a successful chelation may cause more serious problems in case they are not fully excreted from the body.

Another reason is that the methods are numerous and there is not one single way for all patients. Many strong substances are used for this purpose and it is only under the supervision of a specialist that one should use them and NEVER TRY IT ALONE.

Finally, there is always the danger to overload the body if many different substances are taken besides the protocol without medical suggestion and supervision.

For the above cited reasons we will discuss only the substances suggested in the protocol and some other natural – vegetable very mild choices one can incorporate in everyday life and have very good results without danger.


When free radicals come in touch with one of these tinny pieces of toxic metals, not only one new free radical is generated but a chain of millions of free radicals.

Free radicals exist in all persons, heavy metals as well. They move around several points and organs and somewhere on their way they meet again a new tinny piece of toxic metal generating new free radicals in a minute and so on.

Thus we should try to:

1. Find ways to reduce as much as possible the generation of new millions of free radicals generated in our body by the binding of metals and free radicals through chain reactions (Vitamin C, E and other antioxidants mentioned below help to that)
2. Prevent these free radicals from coming in touch with the heavy metals in our bodies in the first place.


One important contribution of the protocol is that it helps fight heavy metals, whose toxicity alone is known that it can cause symptoms similar to the ones of MS. On the other hand you know from this site that heavy metals is one of the main factors of MS.

Tips that help:

Try to consume proteins all the time, mainly animal (excpet pork which is very fatty) but vegetarian as well (eg sea algaue) according to the protocol. Protein amino-acids contain sulphur that highly facilitates the detoxification procedure. Avoid any proteinic supplement of unreliable origin.

Try to maintain 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. If there is a constipation problem read here. Remember that 90% of the mercury (a heavy metal known to be one of the most toxic ones) is expelled in our stools.

Don’t miss your daily injection of Thiamine (Β1)(1): Thiamine, being a main injectable vitamin in the protocol, has been found to play an important role in the confrontation of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury etc). Especially mercury and lead compete with Thiamine absorbing the Sulphur contained in it. Sulphur is known to act as a magnet for heavy metals.
Riboflavine (vitamin Β2 contained in Β100): Also contains sulphur.

Vitamin Β6 (Pyridoxine – contained in Β100): Necessary to the metabolic procedure that transforms methionine into cysteine and followingly to glutathione (amino-acid transformed into strong anioxidative means).

Magnesium: Metals such as Magnesium are necessary to the optimal functioning of our immune system, as much as to hundreds of enzymic systems of prime importance for human health. In this way foods are more easily absorbed without irritating the digestive track that plays a crucial role to heavy metals excretion.

Take your axntioxidants every day: All antioxidants in the protocol (Vitamin C(2), E, Beta Carotene-Vitamin Α, Selenium(3)) including Thiamine, play an irreplaceable role to the fight against new free radicals being multiplied in the presence of heavy metals.

Drink alkaline water.

Exercise according to your condition, but do it systematically and under supervision. Sweating is a good way to excrete toxins and the skin is one of the main detoxification organs.

For additional help you should know that:

There are lots of other substances and ways to fight heavy metal accumulation or at least they claim to do so. As cited above, the protocol itself caters for that purpose. Nevertheless, if you think that you need more help, here are some more very mild ways:

You can take Chlorella. Chlorella is a species of algae that helps remove toxic metals from the connective tissue of our body. It contains high levels of chlorophyll which is one of the most pure and strong foods on earth. One cannot take excessive amount of Chlorella. Check your dose by trials, starting from a low dose and increasing gradually every 2-3 days.

Include garlic in your regiment if you are not allergic or intolerant to it, not in supplement form but in fresh natural form. In this way you enhance the Sulphur reserves of your body. 2-3 cloves per day for as long as your program lasts sound like a good idea. Crush the cloves so as to set their active ingredients free.

Start taking MSM (4). MSM is a kind of Sulphur acting on the membranes of the cells and thus helping your body to get rid of mercury.

Start using coriander (5). Coriander will contribute to the movement of mercury from the tissues, so as Chlorella will be able to bind with it and guide it out of the body through bowel movements. Coriander is found in most health food stores, super markets or shops selling spices. You can also add it to vegetable juices (being an excellent source of metals such as Calcium and Magnesium). Coriander alone is not enough to totally remove heavy metals from the body.

During your heavy metal detoxification, make sure that you take your daily vitamins and basic metals such as Calcium and Magnesium.
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My name is Mark and I was diagnosed with a form of MS in the fall of 2008. I quickly developed the following symptoms: numbness, heaviness and lack of flexibility in my legs and hips, especially on the left side, causing me to limp; limited bowel and urinary functions; lack of stamina, energy, and balance. As a licensed massage therapist and someone who is trained in and understands the human body, it felt like my whole world was collapsing. I couldn’t stand without pausing to gain my balance. I could barely manage loading my massage table into my car. The fatigue was unbelievable. Only my hands remained strong.
But I consider myself blessed. My personal doctor happens to be highly sought after in fitness and nutrition fields. He knew of the Klenner Protocol and has three patients who are currently symptom free. The MRI’s he ordered revealed lesions in my brain and on my spine, confirming his initial diagnosis. He immediately suggested a bi-weekly treatment of infusions (Chelation) that over time eliminate the toxins causing the lesions. In addition, he prescribed thiamine injections with liver extract, the foundation to the whole protocol, plus a host of IV supplements including large doses of vitamin C as well as an oral supplement regimen. We did do tests for food allergies to eliminate any adverse reactions, so of course I have restrictions on my diet too, eliminating some of my favorite foods. A small price to pay! I started doing all of this right away.
I must tell you that my doctor also sent me to a university MS specialist for a second opinion. The specialist said he would recommend treating the symptoms with steroids and that there was no known cure yet for MS. I chose to follow my own doctor’s advice based on his track record and fight to cure myself and get my health back. It’s a grueling ritual; believe me, and one that my health insurance doesn’t cover. But I can tell you we’ve made real progress.
Now over six months later, I’m back to working 4 or 5 hours a day. My bowel and urinary habits are back to normal. I don’t limp and I don’t have to struggle for balance. And, while this may be over-sharing, my wife’s and my sex life is terrific. My recent MRI reveals my brain lesions have almost entirely cleared up and are waiting to do a thoracic MRI. So the news is good. I have never taken a steroid or chemo injection.
But honestly, I’m not out of the woods yet. I still have those horrible pins and needles, which my doctor says is a good sign and there are days when I do get tired. So I get discouraged from time to time. But as my doc says, look how far you’ve come in 6 or 7 months, and think back to how bad you felt in the beginning. I know I will lick this!

If I can be of any help to you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to reach me.

Mark Chavkin

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