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Fluoridation Of Drinking Water Should Be Banned


What’s your poison?

Like mercury (dental fillings), fluoride is not an obvious choice for dental health. The reason for this: It’s a poison – more poisonous than lead and slightly less poisonous than arsenic.

The fluoride used in toothpaste, mouth rinses and dental gels usually is sodium fluoride – a waste product from the aluminium industry.

The fluoride added to our water supply is hydrofluorosilic acid or sometimes silicofluoride – waste products of the fertiliser and glass industries.

Professor Kaj Roholm , former Chief of the Toxicology Committee for the National Research Council classified hydrofluorosilic acid and hexafluorosilic acid as “extremely toxic.” One chemical company selling fluoride to water suppliers describes it as “a colourless to straw yellow, transparent, fuming, corrosive liquid with a pungent odour and irritating action on the skin.”

Hydrofluorosilicacid is listed as a Part II poison under the Poisons Act 1972. As such its use as a commercially ingestible product in water violates UK and EU pharmaceutical legislation governing the regulation of medicinal substances, as well as the Poisons Act.

Worldwide rejection

Since 1990, 54 US and Canadian cities have rejected hydrofluorosilic acid, but almost 60 per cent of the US remains fluoridated. In these areas, there has been a dramatic increase in bone cancer in young males aged between 9-19. A National Cancer Institute Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Programme recorded an increase of 79 per cent of bone cancer in young men living in fluoridated areas of Iowa and Seattle. But in the unfluoridated areas the incidence of bone cancer decreased by 4 per cent.

Professor Hardy Limeback, studied the health effects of fluoride on children and he warned that children under three years should never drink fluoridated water or use fluoride toothpaste or products, and that fluoridated water must never be used for making baby formula.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway , Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Italy have all banned the addition of hydrofluorosilic acid to drinking water and so have Japan and India.


Dental fluorosis caused by drinking fluoridated water is a very visible example of the toxic effect that fluoride can have on our bodies. A study of five primary schools around Birmingham in the UK, indicated that 34 per cent of young children had dental fluorosis.

Peter Mansfield, former President of The National Pure Water Association (NPWA) tested over 500 volunteers in the West Midlands and found that 60 per cent had four times the ’safe’ level of fluoride in their urine.

The quantity of fluoride in toothpastes for children is even more of an issue as children, because of their smaller size, naturally can be poisoned with far lower levels. There is, for example, enough fluoride in a tube of fluoride toothpaste to kill a small child. Even more surprising, is that when it comes to dental hygiene, fluoride actually does more harm than good.


* Accumulates in bones, making them brittle and more easily fractured

* Damages tooth enamel (’dental fluorosis’) and may lower fertility rates

* Increases the uptake of aluminium into the brain and lead into the blood

* Inhibits antibodies from forming in the blood

* Confuses the immune system, causing it to attack the body’s tissues, which can increase the risk of cancerous growths

More than you bargained for

We don’t ingest fluoride just simply by drinking water or brushing our teeth but it also enter our bodies through other sources such as processed food, some cheaper (lower- end of the market) vitamin tablets, and drinks like fruit juice, soda and tea. So how do we control the amount of fluoride that we ingest? It’s simple: We don’t!

There is no control over how much water people consume. Thirsty children weighing 28 – 42 lbs could be receiving the same amount of fluoride as adults four times their size. And that is just by drinking water. Tea (and we do love our tea in Britain) is a major source of fluoride even when made with non-fluoridated water. The Department of Health recognises that: “Those consuming large volumes of tea would have an intake of 4.4 – 12mg depending on whether tea was prepared from fluoridated water.” These levels are considered far above those generally recognised as safe.

The 1 part per million (ppm) level of fluoride in UK water supplies deemed ’safe’ by the government is 100 times higher than that normally found in mother’s milk. Prof Paul Connett, a leading authority on fluoride, spoke at the Science, Medicine and The Law conference in London in January 2005. He said: “There are no benefits, only risks, for infants ingesting heightened levels of fluoride at such an early age, [when] susceptibility to toxins are particularly high.”

What can you do?

There are some measures you can take to control the amount of fluoride you ingest.

* Always read the label on any products such as toothpaste, mouthwashes and dental floss

* Use only non-fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes

* Refuse fluoride treatments from your dentist

* Eat a healthy organic diet and avoid processed foods.

* Avoid drinking fluoridated water.

* If you cannot avoid drinking fluoridated water, implement an activated alumina defluoridation filter or a distillation filtration at home.

Taken from the HSI Newsletter

Mercury and food intolerances


Taken from:

DAMS Intl. 1079 Summit Ave St Paul MN 55105 800-311-6265

Mercury and food intolerances: common causes of chronic conditions related to leaky gut and intestinal dysfunction such as ulcerative colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, eczema, psoriasis, food allergies, arthritis, ADHD, and autoimmune disease; and treatments that improve these conditions.
When intestinal permeability is increased, food and nutrient absorption is impaired. Dysfunction in intestinal permeability can result in leaky gut syndrome, where larger molecules and toxins in the intestines can pass through the membranes and into the blood, triggering immune response (6). Progressive damage can occur to the intestinal lining, eventually allowing disease-causing bacteria, undigested food particles, and toxins to pass directly into the blood stream. Dysfunctions in intestinal permeability have been found to be associated with diseases such as leaky gut syndrome (LGS), ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, CFS, eczema, psoriasis, food allergies, autoimmune disease, and arthritis (1abcdefgh, 2b,6).

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Homer's Recipies



I have been asked to put down a few words to address my experiences on the Klenner protocol. I do this with great enthusiasm and without hesitation.

My MS had reached almost every area in my body and have been in a wheelchair for almost three years. I had read about this protocol when I was first diagnosed in 2000 but was afraid to try something that wasn’t “routine” medication. My experience is that when I was first diagnosed, I was told to be very wary of people giving me “false” hope and people that my take advantage of my physical and mental state of mind. So as a result, I lived in a constant “angry state of denial” and pushed away those who tried endlessly to help me. When my MS became very active I finally decided to give modern medicine a go and my doctors put me on pretty much everything under the sun. I have been on large amounts of steroids, too numerous to mention. I have been on both doses of Rebif, chemo, Betaseron, and then they were talking about Tysarbri, as nothing else was working. I have had a relatively active form of this disease so I have gone from diagnosis to wheelchair in about 7 years. I was diagnosed in 2000 but as you are aware of this already, we’ve probably already had this disease for far longer. I was at a point in my disease that I was frustrated and had almost given in to the disease and ALL its effects. Then I ran across the Kleener protocol again. I believe in “signs” so I decided to give it a second look as I had no hope and unless you have hope in something, you’ve got nothing. My MS had affected my mood, bladder, fatigue, muscle strength, cognition, and the list goes on so I was pretty much in a “dark” place. Given this, I thought “what hurt could checking into this protocol?” When I found that I could have hope again, I was worried that I would be dealing with a bunch of “snake oil salesmen” that only hopes were making it rich at my and my family’s expense. I realized that I had nowhere else to go and no other options, unless they were very drastic and I was “tired” of the modern medicine way. It hadn’t worked to this point. It took me about 4 months to build up enough courage to do the Kleener protocol, as we are told you need to go on something right away to keep your MS at bay, so that made me afraid of letting this disease having the “freedom” to do whatever it wanted. I talked to my family, both immediate and extended, gave them the web address and asked every question that they and I had. I went on medical web support groups to see if they had heard of this and their experiences. The answer was no they could say nothing as they, nor anyone they knew, had any knowledge of the Kleener protocol.
I started the protocol on August 18, incidentally my birthday. Coincidence? That first day, I had significant increase in energy level. I use to have to nap; now I lay down for spinal decompression. Within my first week using the protocol my bladder and bowels were behaving like a normal person. My spasticity is cut in half and I am slowing regaining muscle mass which will lead to muscle control. I will then be out of this chair. It took me awhile to get in it. It will take awhile to get out of it. This is not a MAGIC cure; it’s a lifestyle change that causes significant changes in your body. Am I out of the chair yet? No, but I’m well on my way as I now have my leg muscles “firing” and strength is coming back. It’s an up hill climb but as they say the view from the top is what I want.
My hope is that this testimonial will inspire you to climb your mountain and find your view. Never give up hope. Would I recommend this? I’m no doctor but “YOU BET!”
P.S. This is NOT a money making machine and everyone who is involved is there to help.

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